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Trestique, founded by Jenn Kapahi and Jack Bensason, has been dedicated to exceptional quality, innovative packaging, and simplified beauty routines since its launch six years ago. With their deep industry knowledge, they introduced a groundbreaking makeup line featuring 2-in-1 makeup crayons with built-in application tools. Over time, Jenn and Jack have continuously refined the brand, enhancing formulas and packaging to prioritize cleanliness and sustainability.

Streamlining beauty routines remains a core focus for Trestique. However, the feedback from customers who appreciated the packaging yet desired a more sustainable approach prompted the brand to embark on a journey of reusable and refillable packaging. Recognizing the responsibility to contribute to a better world, Jenn explains, "As entrepreneurs, beauty founders, product developers, and human beings, it was time to take a step in the right direction."

Trestique is now at the forefront of the packaging revolution, thanks to Jenn and Jack's commitment. They have created products that are 100% reusable and refillable, crafted from post-consumer recycled materials. Sustainability is ingrained in every aspect, from formulas to packaging. Aligning with consumers' values and upholding social and environmental consciousness is at the core of Trestique's authentic revolution.

The brand's mission has always been to empower individuals with time-saving routines through clean, uncomplicated, and multi-tasking products. Trestique wants to free you from the fuss of makeup application, allowing you to spend more time indulging in the things you love. With a dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability, Trestique invites you to embrace simplified beauty and enjoy more moments of joy.