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Welcome to Illamasqua, a renowned destination for exceptional makeup products that ignite creativity and confidence in its customers. With a wide range of unparalleled pigments, Illamasqua offers a color payoff unlike any other, encouraging makeup artists and enthusiasts to explore their unique creativity through experimentation. Guided by the expertise of their Director of Artistry, Pablo Rodriguez, each item is crafted to the highest professional standards, inspiring passionate artistry at every level.

Illamasqua takes great pride in its commitment to cruelty-free beauty. As a brand, they have never and will never test on animals, and all their products are certified by PETA as 100% cruelty-free. Their vegan makeup range exudes confidence with distinctive tones and colors that embolden the bold. Whether one prefers 90s grunge makeup or the natural look, Illamasqua's highly pigmented products redefine beauty conventions and open doors to limitless possibilities within the makeup industry.

For more than a decade, Illamasqua has been embracing subcultural elements and pushing the boundaries of traditional makeup norms. Their passion for ethical practices and vibrant colors has led to the creation of a 100% vegan-friendly collection, emphasizing a zero-animal-testing policy. Illamasqua empowers its customers to express their true selves through makeup by offering a wide range of products, from primers to setting sprays, ensuring makeup lasts all day long.

Customers can explore Illamasqua in stores through their store locator or visit Selfridges stores in the UK for personalized shade matching and makeup transformations by skilled artists. By signing up for Illamasqua's newsletters, customers can stay updated on the latest exclusive discounts and deals. Beyond just being a makeup brand, Illamasqua has cultivated a community of bold individuals who celebrate creativity and individuality. Join the Illamasqua experience today and embrace the power of self-expression through makeup.