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Benefit, a renowned beauty brand, strongly believes in the transformative power of laughter. They consider themselves not just in the makeup business, but in the feelgood business. According to Benefit, true beauty shines when people are laughing and having fun. The brand's story traces back to the Ford twins, who started as Indiana farm girls but later became successful models and makeup artists. They ventured to San Francisco with a fresh perspective on beauty, ultimately choosing to open a makeup shop in 1976 after a coin toss favored that decision over opening a casserole cafe.

Continuing the legacy of laughter and fun are Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson, daughters and nieces of Benefit's co-founders Jean and Jane Ford. Beauty runs in their blood, and they officially joined Benefit in 2008, taking on the role of Global Beauty Authorities. With their expertise and passion, they contribute to spreading Benefit's mission of bringing joy and confidence through cosmetics to people worldwide. Benefit's commitment to making people feel good about themselves remains at the core of their brand.