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dome BEAUTY is a brand with a mission to provide comprehensive beauty solutions that encompass every aspect of cleanliness and sustainability. Founded by Mar Cavallone, the concept of 360-degree clean beauty was inspired by her holistic approach to clean living. The brand's commitment to clean beauty extends beyond ingredients and includes clean packaging, application, and ethical practices. Mar's passion for animal welfare and environmental sustainability led to the integration of clean and sustainable packaging into dome BEAUTY's offerings. Additionally, her diverse family background influenced the brand's dedication to inclusivity, supporting makeup lovers from various ethnicities and cultures to express their unique selves.

Guided by creative director Geneva, dome BEAUTY emerged as a brand that combines expertise in product development, color formulation, and artistry. Geneva's experience, which includes working with renowned beauty figure Sonia Kashuk and participating in New York Fashion Week, brought invaluable knowledge to dome BEAUTY. Her global travels exposed her to unique beauty rituals from different cultures, which she skillfully translated into products that embody the brand's commitment to excellence. The dome-shaped brushes, after which the brand is named, were designed to flawlessly contour to the face's curves.

At its core, dome BEAUTY strives to provide 360-degree beauty solutions for a Clean Beautiful You™. The brand's emphasis on cleanliness extends to all aspects, from product formulation to packaging and ethical practices. It is committed to setting the highest standards of cleanliness and sustainability while remaining inclusive, specifically catering to women of color. dome BEAUTY is dedicated to unifying beauty and empowering individuals to embrace their unique identities through the perfect makeup products.