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ONE Essentials is a fashion brand committed to radical change in the industry. Recognizing the need for transformative action, they are challenging the status quo by starting from the bottom up and focusing on the most disposable items in our wardrobes - underwear. With a strong belief in taking responsibility for their impact on the planet, ONE Essentials aims to create disposable underwear that is designed to reduce harm to the environment.

In response to the slow progress and greenwashing prevalent in the fashion industry, ONE Essentials is determined to get the basics right. They understand the significance of these hardworking wardrobe essentials that often receive the least thought. Born in the midst of a global pandemic, ONE Essentials is driven by a single purpose: to make the most comfortable essentials without compromising the health of our planet.

Collaborating with exceptional suppliers, ONE Essentials is actively seeking solutions to the challenges of developing products within the circular economy. They are proud to contribute 1% of every sale, not just profits, to textile cleanup initiatives. By working closely with organizations on the ground, they witness firsthand the impact of clothing waste in the global south.

With a mission to shake up the fashion industry, ONE Essentials aims to reduce the environmental footprint of everyday clothing and redefine the value we place on our most frequently worn items. From their material choices to their business model, they embrace radical change and strive to create a positive impact on the world. ONE Essentials believes that by taking bold and innovative steps, the fashion industry can be transformed into a force for good.