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From its inception in 2011, this endeavor embarked on a journey that continues to this day, bound by an unwavering commitment to crafting superlative hair care solutions at a single, accessible price point for all. With a genuine Texan spirit, they proudly declare "y'all" in Austin, embodying inclusivity for every hair type, addressing diverse hair needs with their range of Verb products.

Beyond the realm of hair care, this dedicated entity also champions a profound cause. Partnered with The Ali Forney Center (AFC), their purpose extends to safeguarding the LGBTQ+ community from the adversities of homelessness. This impactful collaboration seeks to equip individuals with the vital tools essential for independent living, promoting empowerment. In a city where nearly 4,000 find themselves homeless annually, AFC emerges as a beacon of hope by catering to over half of them, a staggering 2,000+ community members, through their 24/7 Drop-In Center and 17 Emergency and Transitional Housing sites.

AFC's uniqueness lies in its provision of specialized housing tailored to the LGBTQ+ community, rendering them the sole provider of such services in NYC. Recognizing the pivotal role secure shelter plays in the journey towards long-term success, AFC's contributions are invaluable. This harmonious partnership reflects a shared commitment to bettering lives, both through a commitment to top-tier hair care and a compassionate dedication to uplifting marginalized individuals, exemplifying the transformative impact of a socially conscious endeavor.