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With humble beginnings in 1984, Teva emerged as the original sport sandal, born out of necessity and resourcefulness. Inspired by a river guide who ingeniously strapped Velcro watchbands to old flip-flops to prevent them from floating downstream, Teva was created and has since retained its pioneering spirit.

Teva celebrates the freedom to explore, inspiring individuals who crave experiences and connections in all their forms. The brand embodies the self-defining idea of freedom, empowering people to seek moments of discovery and awe in everyday and epic adventures. With an insatiable hunger for knowledge gained through cultural immersion and exploration of diverse places and communities, Teva aspires to be the trusted guide for adventure in any chosen form.

At Teva, every aspect of their footwear is envisioned as a canvas. Their iconic straps, enduring and timeless, are continually reimagined in captivating patterns crafted by designers from around the world. In a commitment to sustainability, Teva transitioned all their iconic straps to traceable and verifiable recycled plastic in 2020, using REPREVE® yarn. By reducing their footprint today, Teva aims to ensure that future generations have the freedom to explore the outdoors tomorrow.