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Champion, as the original inventor of the hoodie, has set the standard of excellence for this iconic garment. With a history dating back over 80 years, the hoodie remains a timeless symbol of sports, style, and culture. As an authentic American athletic wear brand, Champion takes pride in its rich heritage of designing fashionable and comfortable solutions for sports sidelines, college campuses, and streetwear for nearly a century.

Founded on May 6, 1919, in Rochester, N.Y., by three members of the Feinbloom family, Knickerbocker Knitting Mills marked the beginning of Champion's journey. Since then, Champion has continued to make a significant impact on the fashion world through collaborations with renowned brands like Vetements, Supreme, Todd Snyder, Off White, and others. By merging fashion with Champion's authentic American sports heritage, these collaborations have transformed iconic pieces into a canvas of expression that inspires individuals to embrace their own champion spirit.

With a legacy rooted in quality and innovation, Champion remains a trusted and beloved brand for athletes, fashion enthusiasts, and individuals seeking comfortable and stylish sportswear. Champion's commitment to excellence continues to shape the fashion industry, reflecting a rich legacy of championing self-expression and inspiring everyone to be their own champion.