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CHIKO is a fashion accessories brand that offers customer-oriented fashion shoes and handbags with trendy new arrivals every day at its online store. The brand is named after the co-founders' family names, and it traces its roots to a shoe manufacturer that has been in business since the beginning of the century.

CHIKO specializes in fully customizable one-of-a-kind women's fashion shoes that are designed by the consumer or custom-made from the client's shoe illustrations. The company's commitment to listening closely to its customers has allowed it to expand its business into retailing, and its fashionable designs, impeccable craftsmanship, and affordable prices have attracted a passionate, chic, and fashion-forward clientele.

CHIKO is dedicated to meeting its customers' needs with unique designs, competitive pricing, impeccable quality, on-time delivery, and efficient service, with the vision of becoming one of the most desired global fashion brands.