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Beauty unveiled: confidence through inclusivity and care.
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LYS™ Beauty stands as a pioneering clean beauty brand, making its presence felt within the Sephora landscape. Founded by Tisha Thompson, the brand is driven by a commitment to inclusivity and skin-loving formulas that redefine beauty for all. LYS™ Beauty offers a thoughtfully curated selection of Sephora and Credo clean formulas, delivering high-performance results and universal shades that cater to the evolving beauty preferences of today.

At the core of LYS™ Beauty's ethos is a resolute mission to inspire and empower with unyielding confidence. Guided by stringent formulation standards, the brand redefines the perception of clean beauty by embracing a skin-first, multicultural approach. Each product adheres to Sephora Clean beauty standards, ensuring an enriching experience for diverse complexions and skincare needs.

LYS™ Beauty sets itself apart through its exceptional value proposition. With a price point under $30 per product, the brand addresses common skincare concerns, making Sephora and Credo clean beauty accessible to a wider audience. LYS™ Beauty's distinctive approach lies in its unwavering dedication to inclusivity, catering to the marginalized, and embracing cruelty-free practices, a vegan lifestyle, and ultra-clean formulas. This commitment ushers in a transformative era of conscious beauty that celebrates diversity and defies traditional norms.