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Koh Gen Do is a Tokyo-born brand that combines the finest botanicals from around the world with advanced Japanese skincare technology. With a focus on nurturing and protecting the skin's natural regenerative abilities, their products aim to deliver radiant and healthy skin. Inspired by a Japanese actress's struggle with stressed skin due to heavy makeup, Koh Gen Do began as a line of pure and healthy skincare. Over the years, their range expanded to include color cosmetics, and their iconic Moisture Foundation became a favorite among professional makeup artists on movie sets.

At the heart of Koh Gen Do's philosophy is the belief that skincare should enhance the skin's vitality. Each of their elixirs, from cleansers to powders, is designed to nourish and amplify the luminosity of the complexion. Their formulations utilize cutting-edge Japanese skincare technology and healing plant-based ingredients to support the skin's natural healing process. Koh Gen Do products leave the skin soft, firm, and smooth, even without the need for makeup. They prioritize the use of natural essences and avoid artificial ingredients, fragrances, synthetic pigments, and petroleum-based mineral oil.

Koh Gen Do's commitment to skincare excellence is reflected in their private spa oasis in Tokyo. Here, traditional Japanese practices are combined with modern expertise to create effective skincare rituals. Through extensive testing, they have curated soothing rituals that enhance the skin's elasticity, vitality, and moisture. With a belief in the harmonious interaction between nature and the skin, Koh Gen Do relies on plant-based essences and breakthrough Japanese skincare technology to develop formulas that provide soothing benefits.

Trusting in the wisdom of nature and a dedication to the skin's health, Koh Gen Do sets itself apart by avoiding artificial ingredients and prioritizing the well-being of the skin. Their mission is to offer products that contribute to a fresh and radiant complexion, both on and off the screen. With a focus on purity, efficacy, and a commitment to the skin's innate processes, Koh Gen Do brings forth a range of skincare and cosmetics that nourish and enhance the natural beauty of every individual.