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Skincare that is tailored to individual preferences and characteristics.
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Kiemu, the CEO and co-founder of Unhidden Beauty (formerly Beautonomy). With a background as a doctor and a mother of two, Kiemu brings a unique perspective to the world of beauty. After immersing herself in the industry and gaining extensive knowledge, she is driven by a strong belief in the power of beauty to positively impact people's lives. Kiemu envisions a beauty industry that truly caters to the diverse needs of consumers, offering equal access to content, information, and products that are tailored to individual preferences and characteristics.

Unhidden Beauty is on a mission to revolutionize the beauty industry by providing personalized beauty experiences for everyone. Their first step towards this vision is through custom eyeshadow products. By utilizing their customizer, individuals can create eyeshadow products that are perfectly suited to their unique needs, be it age, gender, skin type, complexion, style, budget, or skill level. Unhidden Beauty aims to meet people where they are, offering truly inclusive and personalized beauty solutions.

Kiemu and the team at Unhidden Beauty are passionate about ensuring that each customer finds the beauty products that are just right for them. They invite customers to share their experiences with the customizer and create products that they love and resonate with their individual preferences and characteristics. Join Unhidden Beauty on their journey towards a more inclusive and personalized beauty industry.