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Salons Direct emerged under the visionary leadership of Gareth & Valerie Roberts in 1992, marking the inception of a venture that initially operated from the comfort of their living room. With resolute determination, this husband-and-wife duo embarked on a mail order venture, meticulously packaging orders amid the confines of their home, which doubled as a makeshift warehouse. As the years unfolded, the enterprise transitioned, and with the invaluable contributions of their daughters, Danielle and Gemma, Salons Direct expanded its horizons by embracing e-commerce in 2009.

Evolving into a preeminent force within the professional hair and beauty sector, Salons Direct has since burgeoned into the United Kingdom's largest online supplier. Boasting an extensive inventory of over 15,000 products, sourced from some of the industry's most esteemed brands, Salons Direct stands as a pinnacle of excellence. Nestled within a sprawling 72,000 sq foot warehouse and headquarters situated in Bromborough on the Wirral, the company orchestrates a seamless flow of more than 200,000 monthly shipments.

With an unwavering commitment to impeccable service, Salons Direct has cultivated a reputation as the definitive destination for the professional hair and beauty realm. Anchored by a steadfast ethos of reliable next-day deliveries and a comprehensive spectrum of premium offerings, the brand embodies the quintessential one-stop solution. Despite its remarkable ascent, Salons Direct preserves its familial essence, continuing to thrive as a family-run endeavor. The brand extends profound gratitude to its cherished clientele, whose enduring support has underpinned its journey of growth and success.