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Boostology is an independent retailer based in London that prides itself on offering unique, innovative, and exclusive gift ideas. Founded by Martin Gerhard, a former BBC journalist with over 20 years of experience in online retail and manufacturing, Boostology has curated a collection of products designed to give both customers and the planet a boost. Each item is produced in small batches, ensuring their exclusivity and distinctiveness.

The gifts offered by Boostology are not only special but also environmentally friendly. With a focus on sustainability, their range includes organic, vegan, and plastic-free products, among others. As an independent business, Boostology takes pride in being LGBTQ+ owned and celebrates diversity. 

Committed to environmental responsibility, Boostology has implemented several initiatives. They plant a tree for every order placed, use eco-friendly parcels free of plastic, and prioritize natural materials over plastic whenever possible. Recycling all office waste and utilizing 100% renewable electricity from solar, wind, and hydro-electric power stations at their headquarters further showcase their dedication to sustainability. Boostology strives to provide exceptional gifts while promoting a greener and more conscious way of shopping.