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BCALM is a company founded by Becky and Richie Pope, dedicated to promoting mindfulness and creating a sense of calm for individuals and families. With a decade of marriage and two beautiful daughters, Bella and Betsy, the couple embarked on a new approach in 2020, seeking mindfulness amidst a world in lockdown. They firmly believed that finding moments of calm within the comfort of their own home was possible, even during challenging times.

Driven by their free spirit and the desire to bring calmness to others, BCALM was established. The company's name, an acronym for "Be Collectively All Living Mindfully," reflects their vision of helping people find tranquility and peace in their lives. Whether it's improving sleep quality, discovering natural energy sources, or simply enhancing one's overall well-being with fragrances that boost mood, BCALM is dedicated to providing solutions that support individuals on their wellness journey.

With a commitment to freedom and continuous development, BCALM strives to offer innovative ways to cultivate calmness within the home environment. Their goal is to assist individuals in creating a serene and balanced lifestyle while providing ongoing support on their path to well-being. By prioritizing mindfulness and promoting a sense of inner peace, BCALM aims to help people feel their very best.