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Aging with grace, embracing life's vibrance.
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Violet Jordan is a brand founded by Lucy, its founder. The name Violet Jordan was inspired by Lucy's late grandmother-in-law, Violet Jordan (affectionately known as Viv). Viv was a remarkable woman who embodied the belief that age is just a number.

Viv lived a vibrant life well into her 90s without ever succumbing to the notion of growing old. Despite her age, she maintained a youthful appearance and spirit that amazed those around her. People often sought her secret to staying youthful.

Violet attributed her vitality not to good genes or healthy living, but rather to her zest for life, sense of humor, and positive outlook. She would always joke that she'd rather knock over a church than forgo a drink. It was her energy, humor, and optimistic perspective that kept her feeling and looking young.

Inspired by women like Viv, Lucy created Violet Jordan as a brand for women who, like Viv, embrace the idea of getting better with age. These are women who feel wiser and happier as they grow older, understanding that the beauty of experience and confidence far outweighs any physical signs of aging.

Violet Jordan has already attracted thousands of these incredible women, and the brand eagerly looks forward to welcoming many more. It aims to celebrate and empower women who embrace their age with grace, wisdom, and a positive mindset.