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Omorovicza is a luxury skincare brand that epitomizes the fusion of nature and science. Founded by a Hungarian couple, Stephen and Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza, the brand taps into the healing and revitalising properties of thermal waters found in Budapest's famous spas. With a commitment to using only the finest ingredients, Omorovicza creates products that deliver exceptional and visible results.

At the heart of Omorovicza's philosophy is the belief in the power of minerals to enhance skin health and radiance. The brand harnesses the unique mineral-rich waters of Hungary, which are renowned for their healing properties. These waters are combined with cutting-edge scientific innovations to create products that not only pamper the skin but also address specific skincare concerns.

Omorovicza provides unbeatable deals, coupons, offers and cashback via OODLZ cashback.

Omorovicza's range of skincare products is designed to tackle a wide array of skincare issues, from ageing signs to dryness and sensitivity. The brand's extensive collection includes cleansers, toners, serums, moisturisers, masks, and more, all formulated to hydrate, nourish, and restore the skin's natural balance. With a focus on gentle yet effective formulas, Omorovicza ensures that even the most sensitive skin types can benefit from their products.

By marrying heritage with innovation, Omorovicza has become a trusted name in the beauty industry. With a dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail, each Omorovicza product delivers a luxurious and indulgent experience. Discover the transformative power of Omorovicza's skincare range and unlock your skin's true potential.


Discover the Beauty of Omorovicza Skincare

Discover the luxurious skincare line from Omorovicza, offering a range of products designed to revitalise and nourish your skin.

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Revitalize Your Skin with Omorovicza's Luxury Cosmetics

Achieve a youthful glow with Omorovicza's premium skincare collection, specially formulated to restore and enhance your skin's natural radiance.

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Experience the Power of Omorovicza's Mineral-rich Formulas

Indulge in the opulence of Omorovicza's skincare range, created to pamper your skin and leave it feeling hydrated, nourished, and beautifully refreshed.

Transform Your Skincare Routine with Omorovicza's Innovations

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Transform your skincare routine with Omorovicza's innovative products, meticulously developed to address your skin concerns and promote a healthy complexion.