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Mallet London is a progressive British brand that has set its sights on further international growth and global recognition, revolutionizing the landscape of premium footwear and clothing. With a unique and bold product paired with a disruptive and forward-thinking brand strategy, Mallet has quickly become one of the most thrilling and rapidly expanding brands in the UK.

The brand enjoys a fervent following among industry insiders, sneakerheads, and customers alike. New releases cause a frenzy, with silhouettes selling out within minutes, and new collections often debut to massive waiting lists.

Originally starting as a men's footwear-only business, Mallet has since expanded its offerings to include women's and kids' footwear, and in 2019, the brand introduced its premium clothing collection for men.

Mallet London was born out of sheer passion for product and an obsession with the luxury market, closely intertwined with the journey of its founder, Tommy Mallet. The brand's styles often carry the names of streets and areas from Tommy's upbringing, reflecting his roots and development as the Creative Director of Mallet.

Tommy's vision is to create a brand that defies the notion of excessively priced products in the sneaker market, making luxury both attainable and accessible. The story of Mallet is an ongoing tribute to remembering one's origins and using that inspiration to forge a path towards the future. At its core, Mallet London embodies the spirit of its founder and his unwavering determination to make a mark in the fashion world.