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i-icon, initially, is a unique online retailer that offers creative gifts and gadgets. Founded in 1998, they quickly rebranded to after discovering the original name was associated with adult content. Their aim has always been to provide amusing and unconventional products to customers, setting the tone with their first creation, The Shot Glass Chess Set, which combines cerebral challenge with a social drinking game.

Over the years, has continued to innovate and surprise with their product lineup. From premium Mythical Spirits made from the "tears" of fantastical beasts to quirky inventions like "F*cking Strong Coffee," the world's hottest chili chocolate, and "Mushions," squishy cushions featuring personalized prints, their offerings never fail to entertain.

Adding an element of suspense to gift-giving, introduced the Mystery Box concept, encouraging customers to embrace the surprise of receiving unexpected presents. Furthermore, they redefined gift wrapping with CrapWrap™ - the Original Anti-Wrapping Service, turning gift presentation into an artful display of unconventional charm.

Throughout their journey, remains dedicated to humor and innovation, continually delighting their customers with amusing and distinctive products that inject joy into every occasion.