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Jonathan Adler, a visionary potter, designer, and author, embarked on a transformative journey when he established his eponymous brand. Fueled by an unwavering passion for pottery, he made a bold decision to transition from his conventional career, setting the stage for the inception of Jonathan Adler. In 1993, his artistic prowess caught the attention of Barneys, which marked a significant milestone as they acquired his collection of distinctive pots. Five years later, a store in the heart of Soho emerged as a tangible realization of his creative vision.

Today, Jonathan Adler stands as a dynamic design company with a global footprint. Boasting an array of retail locations spanning the world, a thriving e-commerce platform, and a robust portfolio of residential and commercial projects, the brand has evolved into a multifaceted creative force. With an unrelenting commitment to crafting interiors that exude both opulence and comfort, Jonathan Adler's design philosophy strikes a harmonious balance between sophisticated aesthetics and a touch of lightheartedness.

Driven by a mission to deliver spaces that are thoughtfully designed without relinquishing a sense of playfulness, Jonathan Adler remains at the forefront of the design landscape. From its humble origins rooted in pottery to its current status as a globally recognized design powerhouse, the brand's journey reflects a profound dedication to elevating interiors and embracing a distinctively curated approach to design.