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English Heritage is the department responsible for sourcing, distributing, and presenting a wide range of retail products available online and in over 100 gift shops located at various properties. Working closely with designers and suppliers, their dedicated Buyers carefully curate and create products that align with the unique stories and themes reflecting the history of each property.

Catering to a diverse audience, the online and property gift shops attract a multitude of visitors seeking meaningful gifts and souvenirs. English Heritage offers an extensive selection of items, ranging from drinking vessels to children's dressing up outfits, books, jewelry, and food. Each product is inspired by England's rich history, presenting visitors with an exciting and distinctive retail experience.

The online shop serves as a gateway to showcase the wider array of gifts available at each property. It not only features exclusive or limited edition products but also engages with customers through monthly e-newsletters, ensuring effective communication and promotion of the unique offerings. English Heritage is committed to maintaining a zero tolerance policy towards all forms of modern slavery, coerced labor, and human trafficking, emphasizing their dedication to ethical practices.