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Harry Specters, founded by Mona and inspired by her son Ash, is a unique chocolate company that carries a heartfelt mission. The journey began in 2011 when Mona, together with her family, embarked on a holiday in Scotland. As parents of an autistic child, Mona and her husband Shaz held concerns about Ash's future, a sentiment shared by many parents in similar circumstances.

During a visit to a chocolate shop in Scotland, Mona, an avid baker and chocolate enthusiast, found the perfect opportunity to merge her passion for creating positive change for autistic individuals with her love for chocolate. This serendipitous moment sparked the inception of Harry Specters.

At the heart of every delectable piece of Harry Specters chocolate lies the promise of enhancing the lives of autistic individuals. The bustling chocolate factory is nestled in Cambridgeshire, serving as a haven where autistic individuals actively participate in all facets of the business. From crafting and packaging the products to engaging in administration, design, and photography, autistic individuals contribute their unique talents and perspectives.