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W Concept is a leading fashion destination that offers an exclusive and curated selection of on-trend products, setting itself apart with a unique range of items not found elsewhere. With a focus on independent designers, W Concept brings globally recognized brands to fashion enthusiasts through a seamless and innovative shopping experience. The company aims to cater to all fashion and lifestyle needs while fostering a sense of community and discovery.

Since its establishment in 2006, W Concept has served as a platform for emerging designers to showcase and promote their brands online, providing an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Through nurturing relationships with these designers, W Concept has grown to become the premier retailer offering direct access to these distinctive labels. Each season, the company unveils exclusive collaboration collections in partnership with talented designer brands under its house brand, FRONTROW.

In 2016, W Concept expanded its reach by launching its first U.S. e-commerce site, and today, it operates from headquarters in Seoul, Shanghai, and the Greater New York Area. With a customer-centric approach, W Concept strives to make shopping a simple, enjoyable, and seamless experience, while also valuing customer feedback to shape its offerings and improve its services. The support and preferences of its customers are crucial in driving the company's growth and evolution.