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DressLily, established in 2012, is a fashion brand that has devoted itself to offering stylish clothing options for women of all sizes. With a global reach, DressLily now ships to more than 100 countries and has amassed a user base of 14.7 million registered customers. The brand appeals to a community of empowered and conscious women who embrace life and seek happiness. Their primary objective is to provide inclusive fashion choices that cater to diverse body shapes and sizes.

Recognizing that the average size of women is typically between 16 and 18, DressLily acknowledges the discrepancy between standard clothing sizes (ranging from 0 to 12) and the reality of women's bodies. DressLily believes that women should not have to conform to arbitrary size norms; instead, they strive to ensure that clothes fit women comfortably and confidently, embracing their natural beauty. DressLily's mission centers around offering a wide range of fashion options that empower women to express themselves authentically and embrace their individuality.