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Porsche Design, founded by Prof. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in 1972, is an exclusive lifestyle brand that extends the renowned Porsche principles and legend beyond the realm of automobiles. Prof. Porsche, the visionary behind the iconic Porsche 911 design, sought to bring his philosophy and design language to a wider audience through the creation of Porsche Design products.

Despite his immense contributions, Prof. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche remained a humble and reserved designer, letting his work speak for itself. The foundation of Porsche Design can be traced back to the Chronograph I, a groundbreaking timepiece introduced in 1972. This watch epitomized the founder's design vision, characterized by a reductionist approach that prioritized functionality and durability. Additionally, the Chronograph I represented the brand's strong connection to its parent company, Porsche.

Porsche Design adheres to a distinct design philosophy, centered around optimizing function and stripping the form down to its essential elements. The brand constantly challenges the familiar to uncover innovative and exceptional solutions. The result is a collection of remarkable and visually striking designs that have garnered numerous accolades for their seamless integration of form and function.

Today, Porsche Design continues to embody the timeless aesthetic and innovative spirit of its founder. With each meticulously crafted product, the brand exemplifies excellence in design and functionality, delivering unique experiences and captivating designs that resonate with discerning individuals around the world.