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Premium loungewear label tailored through feminine lens.
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Nap emerged onto the scene in the summer of 2020, against the backdrop of the COVID-19 era. During the brand's formative phase, a substantial community of supporters aligned with its ethos, seeking solace from the demands of daily life. Nap beckoned individuals to pause, unwind, and embrace comfort and aesthetics as a retreat from the chaos. It caters to the modern woman who aspires to remain true to herself, pursuing liberation and abundance while preserving her innate authenticity.

Devoting its efforts to crafting premium offerings, Nap sources its high-quality products from an in-house factory, ensuring alignment with its overarching philosophy. This designer brand symbolizes contemporary flair, simplicity, and an effortless sense of chicness.

Nap sets itself apart as a premium loungewear label, drawing inspiration from timeless tailoring through a distinctly feminine lens. Core to the brand's identity are skin-friendly fabrics, gentle draping, and minimalist silhouettes. The brand resonates with women who prioritize self-care, value freedom, and have an affinity for top-tier craftsmanship. Through its concise, seamless, and multi-layered design elements, Nap infuses fashion with a refined delicacy, urging wearers to redirect their focus inward, rediscover their essence, and embrace tranquility.