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M&S, a prominent British retailer, has established itself as a leader in delivering quality products and excellent value to millions of customers worldwide. With a focus on Clothing & Home, M&S aims to become a go-to destination for everyday style and trusted affordability. They are committed to offering modern, contemporary, and stylish products of exceptional quality and value, catering to the evolving preferences of their 22 million customers. M&S strives to stay relevant and accessible by streamlining their product options, emphasizing bestsellers in key categories, modernizing supply chains, and expanding their online presence.

Internationally, M&S serves customers across 100 markets through strategic local partnerships and online channels, ensuring a seamless shopping experience across borders. 

M&S's Food business is renowned for its remarkable quality, innovation, and strong supplier relationships. In recent years, M&S has undertaken a transformation to broaden the appeal of its Food business. While preserving the magic of their exceptional quality, high sourcing standards, and market-leading innovation, M&S is modernizing its supply chains, enhancing store experiences, and delivering greater value to customers. Their strategy revolves around safeguarding the elements that customers love most about M&S, while continuously improving and adapting to meet their evolving needs.

Through their commitment to quality, value, and innovation, M&S continues to be a trusted retailer that customers can rely on for their food, clothing, and homeware needs.