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James Perse is a Los Angeles-born fashion designer whose childhood exposure to his father's fashion boutique ignited his passion for cutting-edge style. Drawing inspiration from minimalist architecture and the relaxed California lifestyle, James developed a design philosophy centered around low-maintenance high fashion. In 1991, he started by creating well-designed baseball caps, which quickly gained popularity among film directors and record labels. This success led him to launch his own t-shirt line in 1994, known for its seamless blend of luxury and casual wear.

Expanding his brand, James Perse introduced women's knits in 1996, offering two distinct collections: Standard James Perse for high-quality basics and James Perse Los Angeles for ready-to-wear pieces. The brand continued to grow, encompassing a men's collection and lines for babies and children. James Perse opened his first retail store in 2003, followed by the launch of an online shopping site in 2007 to reach a broader audience.

Today, James Perse remains true to his design philosophy, emphasizing elegance, comfort, and simplicity. His brand represents a fusion of high fashion and laid-back Californian style, attracting a loyal following seeking refined yet effortless clothing. With a foundation rooted in a deep appreciation for architecture, quality, and functionality, James Perse has established himself as a prominent figure in the fashion industry, showcasing his distinctive vision through his collections and retail spaces.