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Harvey Nichols, established in 1831 with its iconic Knightsbridge location, has remained at the forefront of curating the finest and avant-garde designer brands. As a distinguished luxury fashion retailer in the UK, Harvey Nichols garners international acclaim for its meticulously curated assortment of fashion and beauty products, its premium culinary offerings, and its renowned restaurants.

Presently boasting a network of seven establishments across the UK and Ireland, Harvey Nichols features five expansive flagship stores in prominent locales such as London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds, and Manchester, complemented by two compact yet impactful stores in Bristol and Dublin. Expanding its footprint, the brand introduced Beauty Bazaar, Harvey Nichols, a visionary beauty concept store in Liverpool in 2012.

The Harvey Nichols experience transcends borders with six expansive overseas stores, gracing cities including Riyadh, Dubai, Hong Kong, Doha Festival City, and Kuwait. Each Harvey Nichols store is synonymous with an unparalleled fashion journey. Renowned as the "place to be," Harvey Nichols effortlessly bridges exclusivity with accessibility, presenting an eclectic fusion of exclusive labels, niche designers, and everyday collections that cater to diverse fashion needs, seamlessly transitioning from the ordinary to the extraordinary.