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Böhme was established by sisters Vivien and Fernanda Böhme, who migrated from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to the United States during their childhood. Coming from an immigrant family, they experienced the usual challenges and began working at a young age. Through their unwavering work ethic, dedication, and a shared passion for success, they opened Böhme in 2006 when they were just 23 and 24 years old. Today, Vivien serves as the CEO, utilizing her business acumen, while Fernanda, as the Creative Director, brings her keen eye for design. With over 200 women employed, Böhme has expanded its presence with store locations across the western United States.

At Böhme, every garment is meticulously designed and crafted with a focus on quality and style. Our team of designers and buyers scours various sources to curate the finest materials and collaborate with manufacturers who uphold our standards. To ensure a perfect fit for real bodies rather than mannequins, each piece is personally tried on and fitted by members of our team.

We prioritize partnering with factories that provide fair wages and maintain humane working conditions for the production of our private label items, which are manufactured both in the USA and abroad. However, it is important to note that while we carry external brands, we do not have control over their manufacturing processes, and therefore, cannot guarantee ethical practices in those cases. We are committed to continuous improvement and aspire to develop all our products in-house, enabling us to ensure ethical practices throughout our entire collection in the future.