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A celebration of that Friday feeling, a relaxing weekend ahead!
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Founded in 1993, Weird Fish is a clothing brand that emerged from a memorable walk along a coast path in Cornwall. With a clear mission to offer well-priced, well-made, and distinctive clothes, Weird Fish has remained true to its founding values for over 28 years. The brand's unique appeal lies in its sense of fun, practicality, style, and quality, attracting a shoal of customers who appreciate something different from the norm.

Weird Fish customers are not hard to spot, as they embrace the brand's ethos in their everyday lives. Whether hiking across moors, walking their dogs, playing with their kids on the beach, or simply enjoying a friendly chat at the local, they embody the Weird Fish way of life. The brand takes pride in the provenance and quality of its clothing, ensuring strict rules are followed, such as no child labor and excellent working conditions, through close collaboration with trusted suppliers.

The essence of Weird Fish lies in the celebration of that Friday feeling—the anticipation of a relaxing weekend spent doing what makes one happy. This belief is woven into every Weird Fish product, aiming to recreate the comfort and joy of a well-loved favorite in one's wardrobe. From perfectly worn jeans to a T-shirt that brings an instant smile, Weird Fish designs each piece with the desire to provide everyday comfort and freedom. After all, the brand believes that every day should be filled with the same sense of ease and enjoyment as the weekend.