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POLICE Lifestyle, originating from Italy in 1983, has established a global presence, captivating individuals with authentic and daring personalities. With an innate ability to effortlessly assert its style worldwide, the brand was conceived to stand out and embody everything people desire in their fashion choices.

While staying attuned to trends, POLICE goes beyond by constantly reinventing and innovating, infusing its personality into each season's offerings. Collaborations and experiments have yielded notable successes such as the iconic blue mirrored lenses, the eagle emblem, premium denimwear, and cutting-edge timepieces, all representing a fearless expression.

Evolving into a lifestyle brand over time, POLICE has amplified its impact by partnering with renowned celebrities like Bruce Willis, George Clooney, David Beckham, and most recently, Formula One superstar Lewis Hamilton, giving voice to the brand's values. Presently, the brand exports its concept of style and audacity to over 100 countries worldwide, curating dedicated collections that resonate with its diverse community.

Within the UK, 883Police.com serves as the destination for the complete range of apparel and accessories designed for the fast-paced and casual man. Emphasizing functionality, fit, and design, the platform brings together elements that culminate in the perfect look, ready to conquer everyday challenges.