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Committed to empowering women as they embrace aging, STUDIO10 was founded by an individual who recognized the need for a more inclusive and positive approach to beauty. Frustrated by negative stereotypes and the lack of representation in the beauty industry, they set out to redefine the standards and offer products that truly cater to mature skin.

With a minimalist makeup philosophy, STUDIO10 offers "quick fix" solutions that combine the best skincare ingredients with user-friendly application. Their multi-purpose products are designed to effortlessly enhance natural beauty and provide a radiant, flawless complexion. By embracing age as a source of confidence and celebrating individuality, STUDIO10 aims to redefine beauty standards for women at every stage of life.

As a pro-age, pro-beauty voice, STUDIO10 is passionate about challenging outdated misconceptions of middle age and empowering women to reclaim their confidence, value, and attractiveness. By standing united against ageism, they aspire to inspire the next generation to eradicate these harmful stereotypes. STUDIO10 believes it is time for women to be seen, heard, and recognized for their beauty, dreams, and wisdom.