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ODLO, an esteemed brand with over 70 years of heritage, was founded in Norway with a vision to produce top-notch performance clothing capable of withstanding the harshest conditions. The brand's DNA revolves around innovation, and they take pride in inventing the first functional sports underwear and continuing to push the boundaries of excellence with their exceptional products tailored for active lifestyles throughout the year. Marrying their Norwegian heritage and Swiss engineering, ODLO crafts modern, functional, and comfortable sports apparel that remains one step ahead of the competition.

Being authentic is at the core of ODLO's ethos, as they passionately believe in and practice what they do while keeping an eye on what's new, real, and beneficial. They cherish the social aspect of sharing their adventures, sporting achievements, and challenges, fostering a sense of engagement and inviting others to join their active community. Embracing an active lifestyle year-round, ODLO's team can be found biking, skiing, and running with sheer enthusiasm, and they believe in the joy of sports beyond just achieving personal bests. Their love for what they do fuels their passion to continuously elevate functionality, performance, style, and comfort in their sportswear.

Since 1946, ODLO has been engineering cutting-edge active layers, setting the industry standard with their unwavering dedication to quality and innovation.