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Alexandra Sports is the UK's leading running specialist, dedicated to promoting a love for running among its customers. With a focus on industry-leading technology, extensive product knowledge, and outstanding customer service, they strive to provide an exceptional running experience. Their personalized gait analysis helps match individuals with the most suitable trainers based on their unique biomechanics and needs.

Recognizing the transformative power of running, Alexandra Sports aims to change people's perceptions by addressing common challenges and barriers. They believe that many individuals give up on running early due to hardship or injury caused by unsuitable gear. By offering state-of-the-art technology, educated staff, and a wide range of proper footwear, insoles, and clothing, they seek to positively influence runners' experiences and perceptions.

Alexandra Sports' dedication and expertise have earned them the trust and recommendation of both customers and professionals. Their exceptional customer service and reputation extend beyond the running community, as doctors, podiatrists, health care professionals, and gyms also endorse and utilize their services. The trust placed in Alexandra Sports is evident through their clinic rooms, which professionals use to further support their clients.