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VivaTerra welcomes individuals to embark on a journey of Inspired Green Living, encapsulating a commitment to coexisting harmoniously with the Earth and infusing modern design with global influences. The name "VivaTerra," translating to "living earth," echoes the brand's deep-rooted ethos of embracing nature and melding it with eco-conscious aesthetics.

Founded on the pristine shores of California in 2004, VivaTerra emerged as a trailblazer in eco-friendly home decor, presenting a sustainable alternative at a time when such choices were limited. Guided by an unwavering belief in the harmony between environmental well-being and exquisite home aesthetics, the brand amalgamated contemporary Californian design, eco-friendly materials, and diverse global inspirations to forge its distinctive identity.

With a relocation to the East Coast in Virginia in 2014, VivaTerra achieved a centralized hub that houses its headquarters, customer care center, and distribution facility. This pivotal move solidified the brand's evolution, uniting the artistic values of both coasts and the encompassing beauty that lies in between.

Today, VivaTerra stands as an advocate for sustainable living, offering a curated selection of uncompromising, artisan-crafted products. The brand reverberates with a mission to transform living spaces into sanctuaries of natural beauty, sourcing from artisan communities spanning over 20 countries worldwide. With a continuous commitment to growth and evolution, VivaTerra remains dedicated to serving as the destination for contemporary, culturally inspired eco-style, while nurturing fair-trade partnerships and sustainable production methods.