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Playermaker is an innovative athlete performance tracking platform specifically designed for football (soccer) at all levels. It utilizes a smart motion sensor on the player's boots to deliver unparalleled insights on technical, tactical, physical, load, and gait analysis, benefiting both players and coaching staff. From academy players to professionals in the highest tier, Playermaker serves as a strategic platform for achieving success in the game.

With a clear vision to revolutionize the use of data in football, the Playermaker team is committed to enhancing performance by providing access to unprecedented levels of analysis and insight. Their mission is to empower teams with tools that were previously unavailable, enabling them to elevate their game. The dedicated team combines top contacts in British football with innovative developers based in Tel Aviv, ensuring a unique blend of expertise and innovation.

Playermaker's comprehensive platform serves as a game-changer for football teams, unlocking new possibilities for performance optimization and strategic decision-making. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and deep industry knowledge, Playermaker continues to shape the future of football by maximizing the potential of data-driven insights.