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Online Check Writer is a brand dedicated to meeting the payment management needs of business owners. Founded under the name Zil, the company understands the challenges faced by growing businesses in managing payments, as its founder and CEO, Sabeer Nelli, has personally experienced them.

Sabeer Nelli, the owner of Tyler Petroleum, encountered payment management difficulties that inspired him to develop his own software platform to address them. Today, that very same financial technology forms the core of the Zil platform.

With over 600,000 business customers placing their trust in the Zil platform, it has become their go-to solution for faster, more efficient, and cost-effective payment management. Zil's mission is to provide the best payment management platform for growing businesses.

Created by a business owner who understands the challenges firsthand, Zil's technology empowers business owners to streamline payment processes, allowing them to spend less time managing payments and more time focusing on what matters most: the growth and success of their business. With Zil, business owners can confidently navigate the world of payment management and unlock greater productivity and profitability.