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Oasis Hotels & Resorts is a renowned hotel chain with three complexes and seven hotels in Cancun. The two main Oasis complexes offer five hotels with distinct concepts and convenient options for all-inclusive or European plan bookings. Located in the Cancun hotel zone, these complexes provide beautiful beachfront settings and a range of amenities and activities for guests of all ages.

The Palm complex, situated at km 4.5, is perfect for families with children, offering fun-filled areas, a calm beach, and exclusive adults-only spaces. At km 16.5, the Cancun complex features three hotels known for their entertainment, diverse shows, international events, and acclaimed restaurants. Guests can enjoy the stunning beach and a wide range of activities.

In addition to the beachfront complexes, Oasis Hotels & Resorts also offers two urban hotels located on a prominent downtown avenue in Cancun. These hotels cater to business travelers or those seeking convenience, with a distinctive pop art atmosphere and proximity to the services in town. 

Founded by a Spanish family in the 1970s, Oasis Hotels & Resorts has been a pioneer in the all-inclusive resort industry in Cancun. With a wide range of hotels, gastronomic options, and entertainment choices, they provide guests with high-quality experiences and world-class service, maintaining their reputation as leaders in the Cancun destination.