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Encompassing all fields of medicine for dermatological health, the guiding force behind their work is the skin-body-mind philosophy, believing that skin is a reflection of physical and emotional well-being, deserving the best from nature and science. Dr. Fredric Brandt, known as the 'Baron of Botox,' initiated the journey with a focus on a 360° approach to skincare, blending innovative science with a holistic, lifestyle-based inspiration from Eastern medicine.

Dr. Brandt's journey into skincare began during his work at Sloan-Kettering, where he researched and treated leukemia, exploring the use of natural elements against cancer growth. This passion led to the formulation of his future skincare line, Dr. BRANDT®, based on elements like green tea, vitamin A, and vitamin C. In 1995, Dr. Brandt's vision materialized into a collection of dermaceutical skincare products, inspired by in-office procedures, and made accessible for patients to "take the doctor home."

What sets them apart is their commitment to real results, delivering in-office-like outcomes in the comfort of one's home. They prioritize trusted science, collaborating with industry-leading experts and conducting clinical testing for every formula. Their dedication to safety leads them to exclude 1,700 ingredients they consider unsafe, surpassing regulatory standards.

Embracing a holistic approach, their skincare is informed by various medical and wellness expertise, encompassing nutrition studies, microbiome research, and psychodermatology. With a 30-year journey, Dr. BRANDT® continues to stand by their mission of offering effective skincare solutions that go beyond superficial appearances, nurturing overall well-being for the skin, body, and mind.