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With a mission to provide individuals with better bare skin every day, the company behind the iconic ORIGINAL Loose Mineral Foundation is dedicated to delivering makeup products that actively enhance the skin. Pioneering the concept of makeup that improves skin health, their formula is so pure that it can be worn while sleeping. Today, their commitment to clean and conscious cosmetics remains unwavering, focusing on creating products that not only enhance beauty but also promote skin improvement.

Their range of cruelty-free and vegan formulas has been clinically proven to enhance skin texture and tone, offering immediate and long-term benefits. Even those with the most sensitive skin can safely indulge in their products, as they prioritize skin-friendly ingredients. As individuals continue to wear their makeup, they experience the transformative power of the products, witnessing their skin's gradual improvement over time.

Driven by their dedication to clean beauty and the belief that makeup can be a catalyst for skin enhancement, this company is at the forefront of creating cosmetics that prioritize both efficacy and skin health. Their commitment to continuous innovation and high-quality formulations ensures that individuals can confidently embrace their products, knowing they are taking a step towards achieving better bare skin every day.