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Sunnamusk is a British fragrance brand based in London. The company was founded in 2009 by five brothers with a vision to offer Arabian fragrances to the market. Despite starting with a modest capital of just six hundred pounds, the brothers were determined to make their mark in the fragrance industry. Sunnamusk specializes in Eau de parfum and offers a wide range of everlasting fragrances for both males and females.The company has gained recognition for its expertise in Arabic perfumes and has established itself as a specialist fragrance house. Sunnamusk works with a team of highly skilled perfumers to create unique and captivating scents. Their products are known for their premium quality and are available for purchase through their online perfume shop in the UK.Sunnamusk has experienced growth and expansion since its inception. They have opened pop-up shops in various locations, including Ilford, Romford, and other areas in London. The company's retail expansion strategy has been focused on bringing tailored luxury fragrances to the market and providing customers with a distinct olfactory experience.