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Soundcore UK is dedicated to bringing good sound into the lives of people everywhere. With their range of headphones and true wireless earbuds, they aim to create "Sounds Good" moments for everyone. As part of their commitment to constant improvement and inclusivity, Soundcore is introducing a new logo that embodies their inspiring and ever-evolving spirit. While the transition to the new logo takes place, you may still come across their old logo on older products and packaging.

Soundcore UK prides itself on world-leading audio technology, incorporating features such as SweatGuard, BassUp, ACAA, and HearID. Their exceptional sound quality has garnered recognition and endorsement from 10 GRAMMY-winning artists, 20 GRAMMY-winning audio producers, as well as various media outlets and influencers. With a dedicated fan base of over 20 million people, Soundcore UK continues to deliver incredible sound experiences to music lovers worldwide.