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Kokoon is a company that has embarked on a mission to revolutionize sleep with their innovative headphone, "Kokoon Relax." The founder, along with a personal drive to address his own struggles with poor sleep, was determined to find a convenient solution for improving sleep quality. Inspired by advice from a sleep clinic and the effectiveness of audio in calming the mind, they set out to make this guidance and audio more accessible.

In 2015, the founder and co-founder Richard launched their project on Kickstarter, marking the beginning of their journey in developing a sleep-enhancing solution. Starting as a small team with a working prototype and a dream, their Kickstarter campaign exceeded expectations, raising nearly $2 million with the support of over 8000 backers. This initial success was humbling and set the foundation for Kokoon's growth and gratitude towards their backers.

Over the years, Kokoon has made significant progress, establishing a supply chain comprising nearly 200 components sourced from various companies. Striking the right balance between quality and cost was a crucial endeavor that required careful attention. As the team focused on design challenges during the Kickstarter project's early stages, they also realized the importance of nurturing their supply chain, particularly during the assembly of Engineering Sample 2 (ES2).

Today, Kokoon continues to strive towards their goal of revolutionizing sleep by providing innovative solutions and addressing the needs of individuals seeking better rest.