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Planet Warrior is an eco-brand based in Great Britain with a mission to create fabulous, luxury recycled clothing and products while actively combating plastic waste. Founded and run by two sisters, Josie and Juliette, who share a deep love for the oceans and a passion for keeping beaches and waters clean. Their childhood was spent playing on the beach, and their family's summer adventures in a VW Camper across Europe instilled in them a strong connection to nature.

Driven by their love for the environment, Planet Warrior crafts products using recycled plastic waste, eco-rubber, and other sustainable materials. Their dedication to eco-conscious practices extends to every aspect of their business, from their super eco-friendly packaging, including tissue paper, stickers, and packing tape.

Understanding the urgent need to address the plastic crisis, Planet Warrior believes in recycling the abundance of plastic already produced and transforming it into wonderful new products. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, Planet Warrior aims to make a positive impact on the planet, one recycled product at a time.