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Jonny's Sister stands as the hub of British-made, personalized gifts catering to adults, children, and home décor. Their collection ranges from the acclaimed letter-shaped cushions, earning them awards, to the ever-popular personalized enamelware, ensuring something special for every recipient.

Founded by Jane Field, who is indeed Jonny's Sister, the journey began after spending a decade abroad and a background as a nurse. In 2005, Jane's passion for quality, affordable, and uniquely personalized British-made products drove her to establish Jonny's Sister, starting from her own kitchen table. There were no dramatic revelations along the nearby Jurassic coastline, just a quiet yet resolute dedication to offering personalized items in a distinctive manner.

At their studio nestled on the border between Dorset and Somerset, Jonny's Sister collaborates with an array of talented professionals, including seamstresses, artists, carpenters, sign writers, and more. This dynamic team allows them to design and create bespoke items that boast both reasonable prices and swift production times, proving that personalized gifts need not be excessively costly or time-consuming.