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Hoover is a renowned brand that designs cutting-edge appliances with the latest technologies, delivering optimal performance while positively impacting people's health and quality of life. Their range of products includes vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters to capture allergens, steam cleaners that effectively kill bacteria, and air purifiers to ensure clean and fresh air indoors. Since its inception, Hoover has been committed to creating high-performance and reliable products that prioritize the well-being of individuals.

The history of Hoover traces back to the early 1900s and the inventor, Mr. James M. Spangler. Suffering from asthma, Spangler's medical condition became the driving force behind his inventions. His frustration with the tiring and dusty task of sweeping the carpet at work led him to create the first portable electric vacuum cleaner, a revolutionary solution that transformed people's lives and improved their health and well-being. Founded in Ohio in 1908 and later establishing itself in the UK in 1919, Hoover Limited quickly became a leading force in the floor-cleaning market.

Today, Hoover is part of the Haier Europe group, a prominent player in the appliances market, dedicated to meeting the needs of a diverse consumer base through a multi-brand and multi-product strategy. With over a century of experience and continuous research on the latest technologies, Hoover continues to produce high-performance and reliable products that help individuals take care of their homes and their families' well-being. They remain committed to their legacy of innovation and health-focused solutions, offering effective and trusted solutions for healthy home living.