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GSN is a Yorkshire-based healthy frozen food company that is on a mission to make eating healthy effortless. With a team comprising fitness professionals, nutritionists, and retail experts, GSN recognizes the challenges of maintaining a healthy diet amidst busy lifestyles and the abundance of over-processed junk foods. Since its establishment in 2012, GSN has grown into one of the UK's leading frozen healthy food brands, with its products stocked in over 300 gyms and shops nationwide.

The brand's focus is on creating delicious and nutritious options that go beyond meeting expectations. Through rigorous trialing and tasting, GSN has developed a range of 24 products, all designed to make healthy eating a simple and enjoyable experience. Among their flagship offerings is the iconic gold bag of 2.5kg Steam Cooked Chicken Breasts, offering a convenient way to prepare meals without compromising taste.

GSN's commitment to providing healthy, high-protein options extends to their 'Pot O Gold,' a microwavable, low-sugar, high-protein ready meal with no preservatives or additives typically associated with convenience meals. Ready in just six minutes and with a freezer life of 12+ months, the Pot O Gold caters to aspiring chefs, fitness enthusiasts, busy moms, and anyone looking for a hassle-free way to maintain good nutrition.

With GSN, customers can expect an ultimate and effortless experience delivered right to their doorstep, ensuring that high-protein and low-sugar choices become the standard for everyone seeking a healthy lifestyle.