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BetterYou is an innovative natural health company founded by Andrew Thomas in 2006. They specialize in developing high-quality and effective nutritional supplements that address the lack of key nutrients in our modern diet and lifestyle. Their unique approach includes topically applied magnesium and nutritional oral sprays, which have set them apart in the market.

Driven by a commitment to scientific research and absorption studies, BetterYou has partnered with renowned institutions such as the universities of Cardiff, Ulster, and Sheffield, as well as St Mark's Hospital in London and Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust. These collaborations ensure that their products are formulated using the most advanced scientific knowledge and techniques.

BetterYou's mission is to maximize nutrient delivery and uptake in the body by utilizing the most effective and convenient delivery methods. They recognize that traditional tablet and capsule supplementation may not guarantee optimal absorption, especially with the increasing prevalence of digestive malabsorption issues. By focusing on alternative delivery mechanisms, BetterYou aims to overcome these absorption challenges and provide their customers with the greatest benefits from their supplements.

In summary, BetterYou is a pioneering company that combines innovation, scientific research, and high-quality ingredients to develop exceptional natural health supplements. Their focus on addressing nutrient deficiencies and optimizing absorption sets them apart in the market, ensuring that their customers receive the maximum benefits for their health and well-being.