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Lolë stands as a brand that captures the very essence of self-care and community nurturing, all while steadfastly advancing towards a more eco-conscious future. Originating in Montreal, a city renowned for its diverse weather patterns, Lolë has perfected the art of dressing for every climate, presenting chic and utilitarian attire capable of withstanding temperatures spanning from -40°C to +35°C.

Evelyn Trempe, the visionary founder, established Lolë in 2002 with a resolute aim to bridge the gap in women's technical outerwear. Perceiving the dearth of stylish choices in women's travel and outer garments, Evelyn embarked on a mission to curate an invigorating collection for women who wholeheartedly embrace life's experiences.

At present, Lolë has burgeoned into a global phenomenon, driven by a mission to imbue mindfulness into every facet of existence. Their collections are meticulously crafted to possess an enduring, robust, and adaptable quality, ensuring that each piece not only exudes aesthetics but also boasts longevity. A steadfast dedication to sustainability underscores Lolë's efforts, as they actively refine their supply chain methodologies. Collaborating with sustainability-committed manufacturers and integrating recycled materials into their designs, they conscientiously minimize their ecological footprint.

Illustrative of their allegiance to community and sustainability, the Yellow Label Program by Lolë encourages consumers to grant gently-used coats a second lease on life, extending warmth to those in need. For Lolë, it transcends mere fashion; it's about fostering a constructive influence, allowing individuals to feel their best day and night, whether navigating work or leisure, across every season.